About my style

The artistic categorisation of Roland Dürr proves itself to be difficult since he is a very young artist born in 1976 who still finds himself in his distinct pronounced development phase.

Non-representational expressionism with a precise expression and reflction of Action Painting characterizes his style.

Early on, he experimented with elements of the artistical interpretation in which "the eye" an absolute representation of the central theme and symbol of the human being represented. It was also during this time when he confronted himself with the works of the American painter Sam Francis, who greatly influenced his style. Strong attempts to find more independent elements are shown in the work of the "Hommage an Miró".

Although Roland Dürr's works avoid direct figured portrayals, it is simply a small impulse of the mind, which enables him to present the content of the art "plastically in the eyes and minds of the observer".

Even when treating abstract concepts and ideas like "die Spannung" (tension), "Ode an den Geist des Weines" (Ode to the spirit of the wine) he succeeds in stimulating emotions and arousing adequate feelings in the viewer.

Roland Dürr works out of a spirit of visual richness and abundance of imagination. Few elements with unbridled expressiveness speak his language of Action Painting.